Access to the platform

Healthcare clients interested to access the OncoStrat platform have different options based on the different formats available. The objective in providing these options is to give as much flexibility to users that might be operating in a local affiliate, regional office or in a global capacity for a company.

Users of the OncoStrat platforms will be able to access the following information:

  • Patient level data - incident patients and months of treatment by line of therapy and treatment setting
  • Regimen level data - incident patients, months of treatment and share by line of therapy and treatment setting
  • Molecule level data - incident patients, months of treatment, volume and revenue for each product in the market
  • Product level data - detailed breakdown for a product of initiating patients, months of treatment, share, volume and revenue by line of therapy and treatment setting; including the impact of future generic & biosimilar launches
  • Assumptions and methodology - all assumptions, both at a global, country-specific or cancer-specific level will be explicitly stated within the online platform. Outline methodology is also provided for each disease area

The data fields will be updated regularly to capture any switches between the products by clinicians or the uptake of new entries onto the market. The interval between updates will vary depending on the disease area. For further inquiries on methodology or the update process, please contact us.


This will be a comprehensive market outlook for a specific cancer area over a 10 year forecast period (2016-2027). It will include lines of therapy with all potential cancer treatments available in that specific market.

Access to this subscription will allow users to:

  • Segment the market and track the changes over time for a specific product or regimen
  • Switch between 3 pre-defined forecast scenarios to see the impact of future events and product launches

Basic users would likely be analysts and forecasters looking to get a good understanding of the current market landscape and likely future events. The basic version has limited interactive functionality - users can select what they are viewing, but cannot change anything, with the exception of being able to cut and segment the market.

This level of engagement would offer the same access as OncoStrat Basic plus additional functionality such as:

  • Adding new product or class launches not included in the baseline
  • Changing the impact or timing of new product launches and events
  • Adjusting treatment duration curves (choosing from a gallery of decay curves or entering their own parameters)
  • Generating and storing scenarios

Enhanced users would likely be forecasters and analysts with a deeper understanding of the market and require the ability to edit or adjust the current market environment to generate their own forecast or see the impact of a specific scenario on how it is likely to change the overall market.

This option is appropriate for clients with a disease focus for a specific market.

The custom format provides the user with the following additional functionality:

  • Custom market segmentation
  • Control over all market assumptions
  • Custom user defined features and outputs (such as monthly outputs)

Due to the size and complexity of the output Excel files; this option would lend itself to Pharma affiliates that would be required to generate their own local forecast of a specific product with various market access or competitive scenarios built-in. The outputs would also be easy to assimilate with a supply chain demand forecasting.

Please note that this offering is available in an Excel format only.

Detailed segmentation of current market landscape for a 10 year forecast period (2016-2027)
See the impact of future market events by switching between 3 pre-defined scenarios
Create your own scenarios and product launches
Detailed market segmentation with full control over assumptions
Custom user features & outputs